Wednesday, September 17, 2008

October Challenge: "Michigan Autumn"

Hold on to your mittens! We have decided on a different theme for our first etsywmi challenge. The theme is "Michigan Autumn." After much discussion in the forums, it was the general consensus that our first challenge should be more of a general theme, making it easier for everyone to participate in their own medium, if desired.

In answer to some of your questions:
1. What is a challenge? Is it a contest? No, it isn't a contest. It is meant to spark ideas and to provide inspiration. And to be fun!

2. Will we list the items we create? If you want to, I think most people probably will. I guess it depends on how the projects turn out, at least for me!!!

3. What are the rules? There really are no rules. In the case of the first challenge, just create something that represents Michigan Autumn to you. Create as many items as you want! You may want to include "Michigan Autumn" in your title(or tags), in case anyone is inspired to make a treasury.

4. What do we do with our creations when they are finished? Still working on that one. Hopefully, this can be a regular section of our team blog, with links to your etsy shops. I will provide more information when I get that part worked out.

5. Will there be more challenges? I'm hoping we can do one a month. I would like to get something set upat least for November and December so people can start dreaming. TENTATIVELY, I'm thinking of "Bundle up, Michigan" for November. That way, anyone who had their hearts set on mittens can use them for the November challenge. I'm hoping for suggestions, though.

So, what do you think? Any further questions or suggestions? Let's get started!

~ Sarah

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