Sunday, March 29, 2009

Etsy Day at FSAM

Our team has been invited to the opening day of the Fulton Street Artisans Market (FSAM)!

Sunday, June 14
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
$10.00 per artisan, for up to two market spaces

Market provides: permanently set up tables and structure.
What to bring:
• Shade: If you have an easy-up canopy, those work well. Most of the "regulars" at the market use a tarp and bungees. The tarp is attached to the market structure, and anchored to your vehicle. Vehicles can be backed right up to your space. The FSAM artisans are a friendly bunch, and will be more than happy to help you with this!
• Table covering: The market tables are used by the farmers market. They are a bit rough. You will want to bring a blanket or other covering. Please note that the tables are a bit sloped.
• Chair (many use a stool). The tables are a bit high.
• Money to make change

FSAM is an open air market at the site of the Fulton Street Farmers Market on Fulton and Fuller in Grand Rapids. It is a fun, laid-back venue and a great opportunity for people new to art/craft shows as well as experienced artisans. Many members of the etsywmi group participated throughout the season last year. FSAM is currently in a growth stage. We are busy making plans and putting organizational structure in place to really grow this market. I think it has a lot of potential, but we need lots of artisan participation to make this happen. It is our goal to make the market a West Michigan Sunday destination.

Please use the poll here on the blog to let us know if you plan to attend. You are also encouraged to leave comments on this post. As always, join us in the etsy forum for questions and discussion with members who attended last year.



The Craftinator said...

Yep, I'll be there! I love that place! See you all there!

Jill said...

Hi, I'd love to come. I live in W.MI and I have a shop on etsy. How can I qualify to go?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to be there.
What do I do to sign up?

May I bring vintage from my shop?
I also sell heirloom vegetable and flower seed packs.


lindsay mathews said...

I would love to be there!

WindyLou said...

I'm curious about this as well - can you join up at any time? I live several blocks away from the FSM, so this definitely holds some appeal for me.

I am not yet a member of the west Mi Etsy team, and still very new to Etsy.

JustJaynes said...

Here's info on joining the EtsyWMI team: If you live in West Michigan and are interested in joining the team, go to the Yahoo group at:

Or go to the Michigan team page at:

Team Blog and Gift Guides:
Official member list:

To search for items for sale by members of EtsyWMI, search EtsyWMI team in the "All Items" search bar.

JustJaynes said...

Here's the link to the FSAM blog. If you are interested in selling at the FSAM, contact Lisa Radeck. Her info is on the blog page.

Marianne said...

Hey count me in, I wanted to do this market last year and ran out of time.
The Eclectic Bag Lady