Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple SEO: Shop Title

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When you enter a shop on Etsy what is it that you first see? Most likely, it's the visuals. The banner. Product photos. After the first impression - you start some reading. The shop title, shop announcement, and shop sections are three tidbits that you can control on your shop home page to help get customers to your site and let them know what your shop is about. We're just going to start with the Shop Title as short and sweet bits of SEO are best.

Your shop title is the short intro that shows up at the top left of your shop home page. It is also included in the page title and in search engines. You only have about 66 characters (according to Etsy) that will show up in Google results so here you want to be concise yet convey your shop and its offerings. You will obviously want to mention your product. You can choose to be very specific like "sock monkeys" or general like "jewelry" depending on what items you create. For the rest of your shop title include style terms, your shop name, or a phrase that communicates something personal about your shop.

Kat's Krafts: Unique Cootie Catcher Wedding Favors

Your shop title may be one small part of bringing traffic to your shop via SEO, but it's an important one that should be used to introduce your business. What's your shop title?