Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips from Your Teammates

In the past few weekly forum threads our members have had the opportunity to share their tips, questions, and general crafty advice. A couple weeks ago members were asked to share an Etsy tip about anything from listing to promoting. Here's what a few of our fabulous members had to say.

 MariaSoliel says, "When I tag, I list all of the colors in the item, and sometimes off names, too (like chocolate for brown). I also tag with my shop's name and of course, etsywmi team. Tagging is how people find your stuff in a search so be sure to use them all!"

YKnotShop says, "My tip, don't stop trying. I know it is hard, but the 
harder you work it the more prosperous you are sure to be."

OneHauteHostess says, "I would say look up and see if your items are called something else in another country. I found out that the candy buffets that are so popular at weddings here are called "lolly" buffets in other countries. I've added that to my tags and sold 3 to Australia!"

TheElegantElle says, "My best tip would be to truly renew 
or list something new every day. I did it in the months of 
July and August and saw a HUGE return.

JulieAndCo says, "Make sure if you have measurements for dimensions, weights, etc. to put it into metric as well for all our overseas shoppers."

AbacusBeadCreations says, "My Etsy tip is to make lots of treasuries. Making treasuries helps get you into treasuries. And that's the only 
way to get to the FP of Etsy these days."

DelightedHands3113 says, "Have great, clear, crisp, engaging, irresistible photos in every single photo slot."

Monday, September 27, 2010

ArtPrize with Silvine Photography

ArtPrize is such a large platform that I definitely knew I wanted my art to convey a message, and an important one. It started with a trip around the world. I lived in Europe, Asia and Africa for almost three years and when I came home I was a different person; I had a new perspective on life. A lot of what I saw was beautiful and some of it was harsh, but the overwhelming message was that we are all the same beneath the surface. We have different lifestyles, different cultures, different religions, but we are all human beings. We need to understand that we are all just a small part of a larger whole and we need to learn to live together peacefully. That’s why at the heart of my art piece there is the message of “Coexist”. It blends together different religious symbols and those of peace and love. The rest of the photographs show different religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism) and different lifestyles (nomadic, rural, urban). I included a photograph of Grand Rapids to show that we too need to be a part in spreading this important message of world peace and tolerance, we can’t simply let others do the work for us. So if you are able, please come to Grand Rapids and check out all the art in this year’s ArtPrize. Each piece is a work of love and labor by the artists and knowing that people are seeing their art and hearing their message is an absolutely amazing experience. You can see my piece, “Coexistence”, at the Ottawa Tavern along with a lot of other great artists.

Find more of Michelle's work on her website and in her Etsy shops.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

ArtPrize with Yellow Horse Art Studio

As a busy mom of 2 kids, ages 2 and 3, I have a long wish list of things to do for myself. This year ArtPrize has offered me one wish off that list. There is nothing that I love more than to work with my hands, whether it is in my shop with my tools, in my studio with my paints, or in my craft room with my sewing machine. My ArtPrize entry is a beautiful mesh of all my loves. It combines my love of woodworking with my love of paining and my afinity for finding God in the lonely places outside. "Febuary" is a 18" wide 48" tall woodcut overlaid with paint and textile that reflects on finding hope in seaons of trial and waiting. It's a deeply personal entry for me since I have often found myself waiting and waiting and waiting. I know the outcome will be good - when it finally gets here, but until then the waiting is lonley, cold and seems eternal. Everyone I know seems to have been in that place, that waiting place. We all know that there's an end, just like spring is just around the corner in Febuary, but here in Michigan that is still 2 to 3 months away. I hope that my piece reflects not only the trying feeling of that waiting time, but also the hope that shines just around the corner. You can view photos of the work in progress as well as the finished piece via my yellowhorseartstudio facebook page - under the ARTPRIZE photo gallery. Photos don't do it justice though - there are so many layers of transparent paint and metallic touches that you really should go down and see it in person at Lena Meijer Heart Center!

Find more of Anneke's work in her Etsy shop.

Monday, September 20, 2010

On a Search

Today's items were found using the "etsywmi team" tag in Etsy search.

       1. Coconute Heishe and Pearl Necklace with Teal Pendant by AbacusBeadCreations
       2. Long Aque Chalcedony Earrings by CatherineMarissa
       3. Sterling Silver and Blue Bead Charm Necklace by JustJaynes
       4. Midnight Star Hand Embroidered Thread Ball Japanese Temari by JulieandCo