Saturday, April 2, 2011

What to do when sales are slow

A question was posed in our weekly chat thread. “What do you do when sale are slow?” So I started the next thread with that topic and many teammates contributed! Here are the responses.

LaShelle of MyButterflyHeaven says to work on new ideas, retake less than quality pictures, organize your work space, etc.

Maria of MomNMiaQuilts
The most important thing you can do is keep at it. If you have a lag, take advantage of the time to build up your inventory, improve your pictures, advertise outside of Etsy. If you don't have new items to list, then renew a few things each day. I know a lot of people don't like to do that, but I can tell you that it definitely works for me.

Carla of CarlasInspirations says
Find new avenues to promote outside of Etsy to bring people in.

Cathy of JustJaynes list includes:
Brainstorm blog ideas

Brainstorm newsletter ideas
Build my newsletter list
Converse and promote on Twitter
Check tags and description
Redesign or markdown items that haven't sold

Laura of ShowerTreatSoap
My tip would be to sell on more than one venue if you can. Craft shows, online, in a store, fundraisers, maybe even wholesale.

Julie of CelebrateToday says
My biggest tip lately is to look for new ideas that get you excited again.

Nicole of LEFTright:
I'm new at all this, so when I have slow times I'm reading advise from other sucessful shops as well as working on new products. SEO, product descriptions, photography... so much to learn! I think if you have a blog it is a good time to post tutorials or contests to drive traffic to your shop.

when sales are slow - - I get off the computer. :) I pull out some of my old materials and try to think of new ways to use them. I might take some new photos or consider items I could remove from the shop to streamline it.

Peg of Abacusbeadcreations:
For me it's retaking pictures. That's a never ending struggle. And also, I'd say it's a good time to catch up on all the boring bookkeeping and inventory work that always gets put at the bottom of the list. It's always horrible to tackle months of that stuff at a time, so I try to work on it a couple times a month.

RECTurnings expanded into creating supplies for other sellers.

Janice of 2CraftyChix says:
I have no true downtime. I am making inventory for the up coming shows. I have taken the time to take pics and add listings. I did not do that as much last year and I do have better sales this year from it.

Debbie of NewBagsByAnOldBag says
In my downtime I usually work on stocking up products for the craft shows coming up.

Melissa of Rainwaterstudios says
I blog, twitter, facebook and offer giveaways when my sales are slow. Don't make the giveaways so complicated that no one wants to participate though, 3 steps is good, like ~ become a fan or like me on facebook, twitter, leave a comment on my blog, add yourself to my circle on etsy, things like that help.

Kristie of Beadenchanting says
I haven't had a sale since the beginning of January, but i have been keeping busy with other aspects of my "hobby" (jewelry making, that is): making more jewelry, learning as much as possible about facebooking, etsy, reading about marketing, promoting,....

SallyManke gave us this great tip!
I also carry one of my bags then capture anyone who makes a comment, do a 30 commercial and pop a business card in their hands. Hubby keeps my business cards in his wallet as well.

We hope some of these suggestions inspire you to try a new form of promoting your shop and selling more of your awesome handmade goods!

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