Monday, April 25, 2011

Strike a Pose

Sterling Silver Photographers Camera by JustJaynes

We all know that photography is the most important aspect of selling online. Your photos have to catch the customer's eye and answer any questions they may have. To be appealing yet informative your photos should be clear, convincing, and cohesive. Your background can support all of these goals. It can make your product stand out, add visual interest, and tie your shop together as a whole.

How can a background take your photography to the next level?


Catherine Jayne said...

I try to use neutral backgrounds so the product is the focus. Sometimes white works, sometimes it doesn't. If the background is busy, it can be distracting. I love a blurry background!

Thanks for including my camera charm necklace in this post!

Jenny @ Fitness Health and Food said...

I think learning to use my camera in a setting other than "auto" would be a great start! :P

I LOVE your necklaces and charms, if I had more discretionary $ than I would definitely get one with an inspiration inscription. Hopefully I can get one soon! :)