Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting to Know 2 Crafty Chix

Elephants in Purple and Green Flannel Rag Edge Quilt

Janice is the powerhouse behind 2 Crafty Chix based out of Holland. In her shop you can find her specialty flannel rag edge quilts, but at her shows you'll find a wide range of items including crayon rolls, pacifier clips, chair covers, and bibs. Janice works extremely hard on her business and is happy to call it her full-time job. Janice was kind enough to answer a few questions, so let's hear from her!

On her start - My business started when I wanted to do shows with the person who was formerly my bestest friend. Some where along the way she decided she did not want to do shows together. I kept on doing shows with my mom. I kept the name since I had come up with it. People know my chicken logo and know my product. I have a nice following at craft shows around Michigan.

Some of her favorites - Casablanca, Zoolander, Survivor, House, NCIS, Castle, Green Eggs and Ham, Franny and Zooey, Janet Evanovich, Charlaine Harris, JD Salinger, Elizabeth George, Sue Grafton, U2, and lots of others

About herself -  I am somewhat crazy. I am a single lady - I love to have fun. My quilts and other stuff are my full time source of income. I love to do it. I am a hard worker. I like being my own boss and making my way in this world. I love being me - that is what I enjoy most.

Some of her advice - Don't under price your stuff. Your time and materials are worth something. Remember you are NOT A BIG BOX STORE you CANNOT compete with them nor should you want to. Treat your shop like the business it is. It is no longer a hobby when you are putting yourself out there. Read a book about the craft business - there are plenty of them on the market. Go into Barnes and Noble or look on Amazon. Educate yourself in the business aspects of well - running a business.

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