Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting to Know Y Knot Shop

Light Blue Polka Dot Tube Hot/Cold Therapy Pad by YKnotShop

When you meet and talk with Jenn from YKnotShop you can tell what's important to her. It's her family and that's what actually got her into making her therapy pads. Jenn's shop is filled with therapy pads for all needs and accessories made with satin cord. Here's more about Jenn and YKnotShop in her own words...

On how she got started - I actually started out on Etsy as MondrysYknotShop for the fleece hats and scarves that I was making. Then my husband at the time was in need of some therapy and I started making my heating pads for him and decided that it would great to help others in pain as well.

What she's working on - Right now I am working on hand warmers and eye masks. I am also working on starting up a line of hand bags. My creativity is all over the place in my mind.

What she enjoys most in life and in West Michigan - My children. My family. They are truly all that keeps me in this place.

Her best advice - Never give up, never stop creating and no matter what anyone says know you ARE the best you can be.

You can find Jenn on Etsy, Twitter, Facebook and at her blog

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Lona said...

Love the YKnot therapy pads. They're under the Christmas tree this year... =)