Sunday, March 7, 2010

Members Monday: ineedclosure

Welcome back for another (slightly early) week of Members Monday. This week picked one of our newest EtsyWMI team members to be featured. Introducing...

Autumn from I Need Closure is our new EtsyWMI shop of the week!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.
I'm from Hesperia, MI. I graduated from Central Michigan University in 2006 with a Bachelor's of Fine Art in printmaking. After I graduated I spent about two and a half years working at a ceramics studio/local artist's gallery in Rochester, MI, Firebrick Gallery and Pottery Studio. I moved back to the area recently to try and make a go of selling my art for a living, and my Etsy shop, I Need Closure, is one of the ways I am trying to accomplish that. I also make functional wheel thrown pottery, which may soon warrant it's own shop.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I am working on about a million different things. Buttons, most immediately, but also making and finding places to sell my functional pottery. Very slowly figuring out how to work this dang'ol' etsy contraption. Teaching pottery classes at the Newaygo County Council for the Arts, in Fremont, MI. Applying for graduate schools, summer jobs, galleries and such. Planning a baby shower, trying to keep my house clean, and trying to decide what I'm having for dinner tonight.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of your business?

I found that my problem with running your own "business" is that you're never really off the clock. I am constantly thinking about what I should or could be doing in regards to buttons or pottery. Which is good and bad. It makes it hard to stop and relax, but then you also get those really great ideas at 3 a.m. When I actually do get myself out of the studio or off the computer, I really enjoy cooking and then eating what I've/we've cooked with my family. I do a massive amount of reading and I spend a bit of time knitting, too - which is where I got the button idea from. And when I sell enough buttons I treat myself to a night out in Grand Rapids with friends, which usually involves tasty micro-brews followed by coney dogs.

Where would you to see your shop and business in a year?
In a year's time... I haven't the foggiest. This has been a big change for me too! My life is a little topsy turvy at the moment, and I can't decide if I like not knowing where I'll be in year. Best case scenario, I'll be enrolled at some wonderful graduate school, making pottery and buttons and mailing my buttons all over the country. But who knows what other opportunities will arise?

Where can we find you online and/or locally?
I am really just starting out, here. I am starting to get a hang of this Etsy thing, but I'm afraid I'm a little out of the loop when it come to having a presence on the web. But I have my own personal IT guy (thanks, little brother), so the website and facebook page are coming. In real life, I Need Closure Buttons can be found at:
  • The Attic Window Quilt Shop - Comstock Park, MI
  • Quilt Something - Fremont, MI
  • Fanna's Mercantile - Hesperia, MI
  • Six Degrees Retail Store - Benton Harbor, MI
Thanks so much, Autumn! I loved learning more about you and getting a peek at your great personality.  Be sure to check out a few items from I Need Closer this week in the sidebar.

Let's welcome some of our newest EtsyWMI members to round out this Members Monday. Welcome to marcellas3monkeys, antlerpens, and TheHealingCupboard!

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