Friday, June 4, 2010

At the Market

If you're a regular in the EtsyWMI team forums or know a Grand Rapids area artist, you've probably heard FSAM referenced time and time again. It is coming up in just over a week after all! EtsyWMI team member Jenn from YKnotShop, has put together a Q&A to help you learn more about FSAM as a newbie to the market.

I was wondering what FSAM means?
FSAM = Fulton Street ARTisans Market.

I am new to the market give me some details on FSAM!! 
It is an open air market that is located at the Fulton Street Farmers Market (corner of Fulton and Fuller in Grand Rapids) on Sundays starting June 13th. You get one 16 foot booth/stall for $10 or an 8 foot booth/stall for $7 first come first served basis.

Some things you may want to know about your booth: 
Your booth will be about 16' long and slanted forward. You will need table coverings, shade and other basic things that you would need for a show as in props and such. Remember, it is an outdoor open market. A 10x10 canopy will cover little more than half of your booth. I also put a tarp out over my customers - they tend to stick around at your booth longer when it is shaded. You can park your car right back up to your spot. 

Can I still sign up?
There are only a limited number of season vendors, but there are lots of spaces other than that. If you are free on June 13th stop down and see what it is about. The 13th is full but there are usually openings on the other Sundays and you do not have to commit to every Sunday. I am afraid that I can't say that every Sunday is full of people but there is starting to be quite a lot of people coming more and more. It is definitely a growing market.

How much inventory should I bring with me?
That is entirely up to you. Do you have a half booth or a full booth? Each half is 8ft long so you want to look full but not over full. You can always have extra in the car to replenish, so just make what you think will be good and go from there. There is no magic number. My booth has changed so much over the past 3 years it isn't even funny. You will learn from experience. I don't sell what you sell so I can't tell you really how much to bring. Like I said bring what you've got and if it is too much keep some hidden to replenish. If it looks like not enough do some filling in and know that next time you need more.

Some set ups
I have a few of my older set-ups here if you want to take a look. You can see some here from other artisans.

Feel free to take a trip down to the market during the week, when the farmers are there, and you can get a feel for the space and how others do things like canopies. Sometimes there are crafters there too so you could say hi and glean some info from them.

You can always find more info about FSAM on Facebook and on their website.

The most important thing is to have FUN!!!!! See you there.

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