Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome New Members!

In the past few months EtsyWMI has continued to grow and welcome new members!  Some have been selling on Etsy for years and others are brand new.  Let's take a moment to welcome some of the latest additions to the team.

Alice from AliceHuntStudio

Shari from BeachGrassCottage

Cassandra from Kavali8

Michelle from MichellesVinylDesign

Jennifer from SacredCake

Dale from SpiritZips

Shannon from SRHarris


Fresh Metal said...

Welcome everyone! Its great to see how this group has grown so much so quickly!

Alice said...

Now that I am a member, how can I get my shop listed in your etsywmimembers.blogspot blog?

BySaraLynn said...

As you know the team is undergoing some changes right now and so that means the blog(s) are too. When the final lists and decisions are made, then we'll be able to update our members page. :)