Sunday, May 11, 2008

Anyone interested in a Farmer's Market in Holt, MI?

There is a farmer's market in Holt, MI (near Lansing) that we might want to check out. The rates are reasonable and the best part is, they allow booth sharing! Please refer to the Yahoo group message I sent earlier today for more information.

Otherwise, here is a link to the Etsy forum post I heard about it on:

and a link to the blog with more information:

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FireChickick said...

Hiya! I'm Karen (FireChickTick on Etsy..) and I'm the Art Director at the Holt Farmer's Market!

I welcome any and all applications! You can download an application at

Email me at with any questions you may have! Many of our vendors sold OUT at our Grand Opening. I'm estimating that we have over 1,000 visitors. I'm overwhelmed at the community response! It's been a great success!

We will be running this venue through the end of the year, concentrating heavily on our artists through the holiday season.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Karen Nichols
Art Director
Holt Farmer's Market