Sunday, January 20, 2008

Team Etsy West Michigan Begins.....

WELCOME! Team Etsy West Michigan welcomes you to our blog. Post, if you are interested in the website, sell there, and live in West Michigan!


Jennifer-Ancientgamecupboard said...

Looking forward to seeing our group grow!

lorijo said...

Hi! I just started Etsy yesterday and I live in West Michigan ( I think- Hersey?)

Lynn...Knitter said...

lorijo, go to yahoo groups and join Etsy West Michigan! We'd love to have you as a member. I haven't scheduled the next meeting yet (our last one was sicked out!) but will keep you updated that way.

thatissocute said...

Hi Team! I just stopped by to post a quick list I wrote up the other day to help me write my descriptions when listing new items in my store. Hope these help you! Please feel free to add any additional ideas you have! Here's a link to the forum post as well to read comments/ideas by other Etsy members:

EMOTIONAL DRAW: What attribute does this item have that will make a buyer want it now? In one of my listings I started this way: “Can't you just see your young daughter falling in love with this cozy? And what better place to keep her life line (i.e. cell phone) in? She'll be quite the stylish diva!” It sold in 3 hours! Finding a way to touch a buyer can make that buyer a customer.

INSPIRATION: What is your inspiration for this item? Why did you make it? Telling a little about this makes the piece attractive to a buyer.

HOW YOU MADE IT: I’m not suggesting you give away trade secrets at all by this! Instead, I mean how did you make it? All by hand? All by machine? Both? Did you get your supplies in an unusual way? What makes your procedures different from someone else’s? I make a lot of felted items and I always always hand knit the item and then machine felt it. I list out my steps so my customer knows that this took a while to make. The cell phone cozy I spoke of earlier took 6 steps: hand knitting, machine felting, air drying, adding grommets, needle felting and adding the ribbon and bead handle.

The Nitty Gritty: Give all measurements and if you ship outside the U.S., give them in metric measurements as well. Mention colors – because not all monitors show things the same. Mention scents. Mention texture. Think of other questions someone you can’t pick this up might ask.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: How soon do you ship? What method of shipping do you use – first class, parcel post, media mail, priority? Is insurance included? Etc.etc.etc.